04. May 2006

Barcelona, Spain
Qualifing was really close, untill the dieing moments of qualifing we were qualified 6th in the GT2 field, but in last minute we were pushed down to 8th.
The race was very tough, we fought early on in the race and gained a couple of positions, but a mistake nearly took us out of the race, after the incident we struggled to keep up and just continued with the hope of finishing and getting a point or two for the championship.
Luck would have it that others were struggling too and we finished 7th in the GT2 field, 12th overall, bringing home four points for the championship.
Next race is the season ending race at Laguna Seca. We expect it to be the toughest race of the season.

20. Apr 2006

Oschersleben, Germany
Couldn't find the balance, and suffered throughout the practice and qualifing sessions.
With the missing balance, having a good race was impossible, had too many spins and a couple of bad crashes, which tooks us out of the race.
Looking forward to the next race in Bracelona.

06. Apr 2006

Spa, Belgium
We expected a rough start with the new car.
Qualifing was tough, we didn't get a single good lap, and as a result we started last in the GT2 field.
The race was tough, we had a accident early on in the race where we had an off in Eau Rouge and damaged the car, and limped back to the pits, loosing a lot of time, big thanks to the mechanics for getting the car back on the track.
When we rejoined the race we were too far behind the rest of the field, but we raced on getting as much track time in as possible.
Through out the race we pushed on getting some good and competative times and ended the race with 6 points.
Not a bad start in a new car.

30. Mar 2006

New Car.
After all the difficulties with the Ferrari, we decided to get a new car.
So we bought a Porsche 996-GT3-RS and we be compeating in GT2 for the rest of the season.

23. Mar 2006

Brno, Czech Republic
The weekend started out very good, we had a balanced car and was alot closer to our competition the we had anticipated.
The qualifing was as we've come to expect, last in the GT1 field.
The race itself was another to forget, the race setup wasn't optimal so the balance went away after only a few laps and got very hard to drive, resulting in several spins.
After a near collition we decided to retire, so we wouldn't ruin the race for anyone else.

09. Mar 2006

Imola, Italy
We struggled alot with the car, and we could find the right balance on the car, so qualifing wasn't satisfactory.
The race itself was cut short, as another driver had an off in Tamburello and pulled on the track on the raceline right infront on us, as a result we had a nearcollition and hit the wall, making the already unbalanced car undrivable.

23. Feb 2006

Donnington, U.K.
A race to forget, the qualifing was as we expected, but a crash ealy in the race took us out of the race.

26. Jan 2006

Monza, Italy
Season Kickoff, Pre-race sessions didn't go too well, we were off-pace and had a hard time getting acostumed to the new car, we qualified at the back of the GT1 field, very much like last season, but the race turned out a whole lot differant then last season.
The race itself went alot better then we had anticipated, it was rather uneventful, no real fights with anyone or any major slipups. so we ended 6th over all, not a bad way to start a season with 5 point in the bag.

24. Jan 2006

New Car recieved
We managed to aquire a fully GT1 spec Ferrari 575 GTC, which seem to be faster then our old Corvette C5-R.
Our first tests show an improvement in laptimes of over 2 seconds on the tracks we've tested, not that it's a big surprice, but it will mean that we will be closer to our competators.

05. Jan 2006

Monza, Italy
This race weekend didn't go as we had hoped, we were lacking speed in the car, we closed some of the gap to our competators, but where still too far behind to challenge them.
Qualifing went as expected at the back of the GT1 field, but about a second faster then we had expected.
The race however didn't go very well we had a crash with one of the Saleens and lacked the focus, so we retired.

The Season is ended, we achieved our goals and scored points, however we want to become more stable in the 2006 season and score more points, so the bar is even higher for the next season.

06.Oct 2005

Brno, Czech Republic
Overall a very good weekend, We went to Brno in high spirits, and the practice session went okay, we got faster and faster through all the race weekend, though there are still alot of things to improve it was by far the best race this season, not only did we qualify higher then we expected, but also we qualified the car on front of all the GT2 cars, which in itself is a huge accomplishment for the team, but we also managed to be competative in the back of the GT1 field in the first part of the race.
But unfortunatly we had a couple of spins durring the race and ended up quite far back in the field, our two stop and go penalties for speeding in the pitlane didn't help, but still overall the race was a bigger success then we had expected, we might have ended the race far behind our competators, but we finished the race and scored our first point of the season.

22. Sept 2005

Enna-Pergusa, Sicilly
The dusty track around the Sicillian lake Lago de Pergusa made things difficult from the get go, we had several spins durring the practise sessions, and a few in qualifing, but we managed to move up a spot on the grid compaired to the race at Magny-Cours.
The race it self went better too, we managed to pick up a few positions on the first couple of laps, but a spin in the turn 5 resulted in getting hit but another car, it left the car a bit unbalanced and it was a struggle to keep the car in a straight line, especially under braking.
After a few more laps the car got stuck on the curbs on the entrance to turn 6 after a trip into the graveltrap.

08. Sept 2005

First Race
Magny-Cours, France
It was a rough race very much as expected, it rained all the way from the first practise through the race, qualifing when a bit worse then expected, we ended up starting the race at the back of the grid.
It was tough to keep the car on the  track and the race ended off track after only a few laps, but we learned a few important things about the car and how to set it up.

18. Aug 2005

Car Painted
With the car back from the paintshop, we went on a short trip to Magny Cours for some testing to get more aquainted with the new car.
The rain made it rather difficult to get the full potential out of the car, but it showed a lot of improvement over the expected time, we are still not competative but the car change was definetly a huge step in the right direction.
Our driver said "The new car is much easier to drive then the old one, even in the rain, it's much easier to set up and even in the wet the steering it much more precise."

16. Aug 2005

Car Change
Corvette Racing made one of their Corvette C5-Rs available so we are looking forward to the challenge of compeating in the GT class, we expect the challenge to be even harder.
The change from the Toledo GT to the Corvette C5-R got us a few new sponsors so the paintscheme has changed, the car is currently in the paintshop.

04. Aug 2005

Pre-Season test race at Barcelona.
As expected it's going to be a tough season, but hopefully it will be a great learning experiance.
It was a busy qualifing session i only managed to get one flying lap, but it proved an improvement over the expected times, so the rest of the qualifing session was spent tweaking the race setup.
The race went worse then expected, hand an minor incedent with Viper as the race started but kept on pace with some of the NGT cars, but it showed that there is still a lot of room for improvement, I was faster then closest NGT on the first and third section of the track but lost a lot of time on the middle sector so overall the times were about the same.
Lost the back end in the Campsa corner due to suspension issues and crashed the car and my race was over.